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How to teach your dog to fetch

Playing a game of fetch with your dog can be a very fun way to enjoy some time together. If, however, your dog doesn't return the toy to you, this can also become a game of frustration as you try to convince him to bring it back.

We'll go over the process of teaching your dog to play fetch step by step.

Step 1: Teaching your dog it's fun to bring you his toy

At first, you should avoid asking your dog to give you the toy. Start by putting your dog on leash so he can't run off. Play a game of tug of war and let go of the toy. If your dog runs away from you, gently guide him back using the leash. Once he gets in you reach, grab the toy and continue to play tug of war. Continue doing so over multiple training sessions and you'll start noticing your dog will return to you or even stay with you when you let go of the toy because it's fun to bring you the toy.