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10 human foods that are safe for dogs

Lots of people like to feed their dog some of the leftovers from their plate. Some just want to treat their dog with something special every now and then. Not everything we eat, is healthy for our dogs though. It is worth doing some research before giving something to your dog.

What human foods are safe to feed your dog? Ofcourse, all of the following foods should only be given to your dog in moderation to avoid upsetting your dog's stomach or intestines.

In this post we'll cover 10 human foods that are safe to feed your dog.


Carrots are an ideal food to give to your dog every now and then. They provide your dog with vitamin A, which aids their immune system and coat. On top of that, chewing on carrots can help remove some plaque from the teeth of your dog.


Watermelon has a very high content of water, making it an ideal food to provide your dog with in order to stay hydrated. You should remove the seeds, because they might upset your dog's stomach or intestines.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is filled with vitamins, healthy fats and proteins. This makes it a great treat for your dog. Be sure to buy unsalted and unsweetened peanut butter as too much salt and sweeteners can make your dog sick.

Be especially careful with the sweetener xylitol as it's highly toxic for dogs.


Since apples are filled with vitamins, they are a good addition to your dog's meals.

White Rice

Just as for humans, white rice is easy to digest for dogs. This makes it an ideal treat for moments your dog might have an upset stomach. Since it's high in carbohydrates and low in proteins and fats however, it's not the ideal food to give your dog every day.

Dairy Products

You can give dairy products to your dog, but this should be done in moderation. Since dogs don't have as much lactase in their intestines as humans do, they are unable to digest lots of these products without side effects like digestive issues.

Plain Popcorn

Unsalted and unsweetened popped popcorn is filled with minerals. These minerals help your dog to stay healthy. Make sure all the popcorn you feed your dog is popped as unpopped pieces might cause your dog to choke.

Meat & Fish

Meat and fish are foods that are a very nice addition to your dogs meals. When giving these high protein food to your dog, make sure not to season them as your dog isn't able to digest all the seasoning we normally put on food.

Also always be sure too cook the meat or fish first as raw foods might contain parasites and remove small bones your dog might be able to swallow.


Cooked, scrambled, raw,... There are lots of different options on how to feed eggs to your dog and all of them are healthy. Even the shells can be given, since they are filled with calcium. If you are not sure about the origin of the eggs, boiling them ensures there are no unhealthy organisms left on the shell.


Bananas have lots of sugar in them, so you should be careful not to give your dog a whole banana too often. Giving little pieces every now and then shouldn't provide any problems and is even healthy. The magnesium in bananas strengthens your dog's bones.

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