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Breed information: The Maltese

The Maltese love to be around humans and will often be seen just curling up next or on top of their owners in the couch. This should come to no surprise considering their history.


The Maltese is an old dog breed. It is thought they came to Malta by trading ships on which they were used to get rid of rodents. Once this breed settled in on Malta however, they were mostly used as a compagnion dog for ladies. Because of this, throughout history, the Maltese has also been called the Roman Ladies Dog or the Comforter.


The height of the Maltese ranges from 20cm to 25 cm (8 to 10inches) and he can weigh up to 3kg (7lbs). Because of his small size, he is considered to be a toy breed. A full-bred Maltese can only be found in the color white. They typically wear their tail curled upwards and their ears dropped down.

Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash


Since the Maltese has had a history of over 2.000 years of being a 'lap dog', you can expect them to claim is space close to you. In general, they are a gentle, but active breed for their size. They can however, become overly attached and protective of their owners. This typically occurs when they are not socialized well early on. Because of their size, they are dogs that can fair well on appartments or in small homes when provided with their daily walks.


Maltese dogs are often used in competitions of agility because they are fast and agile for their size and they aren't too hard to train. They do well in trick training and basic obedience as well as dog sports.

Energy level

Because of their active and alert nature, most Maltese have a relative high energy level. Especially puppies can be quite demanding. As they mature, most of them will have an easier time to calm down at home, but will need their daily activities to keep them healthy and happy.

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