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My name is Raven Follet.

I grew up with dogs from an early age. This has also ensured that during my education I have been able to gain thorough knowledge of the behaviors and training of dogs.

As a dog trainer and behavioral therapist, I now apply this knowledge to help dog owners with (re) raising and training their dogs.

I always assume the most positive approach possible. The dog should be given the opportunity to make choices and learn from them. In addition, I am convinced that a strong bond with the dog ensures that the learning process and trust grows enormously.

My dream

My dream consists of a world in which dogs and their owners can enjoy their lives together in harmony.

A world in which dogs are no longer dropped in a shelter because they are 'unmanageable'.

A world in which dogs are no longer put to sleep because they are 'aggressive'.

In short, a world in which every person understands how to interact and communicate with a dog.

My vision

Human life at the moment looks completely different from when the first dogs were domesticated. Everyone is busier and there is often less time for a dog. However, this does not alter the fact that many still like to have a dog by their side.

As a dog behavior therapist and trainer, I see it as my job to show people the right way to communicate with their dog. By returning to the basics and making people think the way a dog thinks, I ensure that both humans and dogs can deal better with any situation.

By sharing this I fulfill my role in this process. I cannot take care of every dog, but I can ensure that everyone knows how to handle their dog.

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