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Read below some reviews about dog trainer and behavioral therapist Raven Follet from Connected Paws.

If you're at your wits' end there is' Connected Paws' 🙏🏼🍀 Thanks for the super tips!
Highly recommended 👌👌👌

S. Peirsman

Thanks to Raven's tips, we can open the gate and doors without fear ... Modest remains beautifully in the driveway. Even more, walking without a leash is now possible! Big thanks Raven!

A. De Bock

The starter, Raven, knows what he's talking about and what he's doing! He is a very good trainer and is a great person to work with

T. De Schryver

Obtained very clear explanations & really can ask a lot of questions, all of which were answered with great enthusiasm. Super! We satisfied, the dog satisfied 🐾

E. De Zutter

Super pleasantly surprised by the approach and way of working, the abundance of information we received and the tips are very nice and well experienced
We can only say that it is definitely worth every euro

T. de la Vega

We would like to inform you that we went on a weekend with elmo and it went VERY well! He was quiet and good, even inside the people (+ -20 man) he was quiet and listened very well. Here he also stays quietly at home.
Thanks again for the great tips!

W. Tack

Raven visited us a month ago for our dog who likes to gasp at strangers. During the 2h session we got a lot of trips & tricks and they work! During the holidays we have met a lot of people and everything went very well. Thnx Connected Paws!

N. Hourrez

He takes time to explain everything before we start the exercises. Thank you for helping me with my little friend.

M. Roegiers

Today trainer came home and met my male Boris (Maltese) and myself!
It was an educational hour!
Very satisfied with the first session, learned a lot already!

M. De Wilde

Super guidance! Wonderful work👌👌👌

L. Moerman

Last Thursday, Raven visited our home once because of the behavior of our dogs Mikas and Foxy, especially our youngest rascal Foxy.
Both dogs are Podengos adopted from Portugal.
Mikas is now 3 years old and Foxy, our young jump in the field 10 months.
The advantage was that we already knew Raven as one of the better trainers at dog school Ponderoza and he knows our dogs himself.
For 2 hours he observed the behavior of the dogs at our home, heard our problems and gave many useful tips.
This now results in a pleasant walk with Foxy without pulling.
We did not crate both dogs for the first time when we were out and about to work and this went without a hitch.
Those two hours with Raven were definitely not a waste of money and for people with problems with their dog (s), I can definitely recommend him.
Raven reads the behavior of the dogs like no other and taught me a little bit.
Now I just have to bite through and have a lot of patience with Foxy and it will be okay so that my bond with Foxy will become stronger.
Worth repeating.
Chapeau Raven 👏👏👏👏👏

A. Dooze


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