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5 things your dog might not enjoy as much as you think

Many dog owners tend to treat their dogs as their baby. Dogs, however, aren't human and have different needs. In this post we'll cover 5 things your dog might not enjoy as much as you think he does.

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  1. Hugs Although most humans enjoy a hug, this definetly doesn't apply to dogs. Most dogs don't enjoy being confined and the moment you put your arms around them to hug them, they get this feeling. Dogs, just like other animals, need the feeling of freedom to feel relaxed. Now many of you will react with: 'But my dog definetly enjoys getting hugged!' This might be true for some dogs, but most of them actually only tolerate you hugging them because it is taught. They accept it because of you being part of their family, but it doesn't mean they enjoy it.

  2. Getting in his personal space Again, most dogs will tolerate you in their personal space. But haven't you noticed your dog sometimes just moves away when you come and sit by them. Just like humans they sometimes don't want someone near them. You might think your dog doesn't like you anymore, but this probably won't be the case. Because dogs, way more than humans, live their lives in the present, they don't want anyone near at that specific moment. This doesn't necessarily mean they never want you around anymore.

  3. Dressing them up In some families, every reason to dress their pets up is a good reason. Halloween, Christmass, Easter,... Now, if your dog has had lots of positive rewards while training for the dress-ups, he might have made this a positive thing. But most dogs don't like strange objects hanging around them. We, humans, grow up constantly wearing clothes. But imagine you never wore a bracelet or a watch and you start wearing it. The first few days it might feel a little odd. The same goes for your dog. The first moments after the dress-up he needs to learn what is surrounding his body. Some dogs might get fearful and freeze when dressed up because they don't like the feeling. Be sure to make it a pleasant experience when dressing up your dog and you will be fine.

  4. Strong fragrances A dog's primary sense for exploring the world is his smell. Dogs smell scents we can't even imaging smelling. This also means that smells that are subtle for us, might already be strong for a dog. Fragrances are pretty strong smells, so some dogs might be put off by these. So it might be your dog isn't running away from you because you haven't showered in a while, but because of your strong fragrance.

  5. Being ignored Dogs are social animals, they value their social interactions with their family or pack. So when you decide to bring a puppy home, make sure you are able to fulfill their social needs. Interactions can be both counted as training sessions, play time or petting moments.

To conclude: Dogs are no humans, so make sure to not treat them as such. Get to know your dog and get to know what they like and don't like. The tips above might help you get a headstart in this story.

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