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How to teach your dog to calm down?

A calm dog is also a happy dog. Whenever a dog is hyped up, it gets hard for them to control themselves. Ofcourse, that makes it even harder for you to regain control of your dog. Often, the cause of a dog getting hyped up is either overstimulation, boredom or an excess of energy. The dog then tries to resolve this problem by physically tiring himself.

Many dog owners think this behavior is a signal their dog is happy, running around through the house. In most cases, this is untrue. Following are a few tips to get your dog to calm down.

Positive reinforcement

Make sure to reward your dog when he is calm. It’s not necessary to do this continuously, but I would advise doing this every now and then. Especially with dogs that have a high energy level. By rewarding them in a calm way, your dog will learn to seek this calm state himself more often.

Do not stimulate hyperactive behaviour

Giving attention to your dog when he is in a hyperactive state, will only encourage this behaviour. Because of that it’s important to learn to ignore this behaviour. In case he starts jumping up on you, you could try to lure him back down with a treat. After that, just wait a few seconds for him to keep his four paws on the ground before rewarding him.

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise and stimulation

By challenging your dog, you can control how he releases his energy. This results in you having an easier time calming him down in other moments of the day. This is one of the main reasons why you should walk your dog on a daily basis or play games to shed their energy. Mind games can also be an awesome way to tire out your dog.

Remain calm yourself

This might be the most important tip. If you yourself aren’t in a calm state, it is impossible to reflect this upon your dog. This is also the case for corrections you might give your dog. Calm, but clear corrections and commands are way more clear for the dog to understand than when you are screaming. The only moment it could be necessary to raise your voice, is when you need to save your dog in an unsafe situation. For example: when your dog might run into the street. Raising your voice will then be a clear indication of a dangerous situation.

If your dog is a high energy dog, this process might take a bit longer. Still it’s important to stay consistent with your actions. This will make life easier for both you and your dog.

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