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What should you know about the different types of dog food?

One of the primary needs of all animals is food. When going to the pet shop you get overwhelmed with all the different types and brands of dog food. What should you know about the different types of dog food?

Types of dog food

  • Kibble

Kibble is the most frequently bought dog food. This is probably because it's easy to use: you take a scoop and put it in the food bowl. On top of that it's shelf life is quite long. When kept in a dry area, you can preserve it pretty long. Kibble is actually made by dehydrating and heating the ingredients under high pressure. Afterwards, the dough is pushed through holes to give them their unique shapes.

  • Canned food

One of the biggest selling points of canned or wet food is the smell and taste. Because of this, when left to choose, dogs will often prefer wet food over kibble. As a result, people sometimes tend to think the quality of this food is better. This however, isn't always the case. Taste does not equal quality. Another benefit of wet food is the fact that it's wet. This helps in maintaining your dog's water balance. Dogs need quite some water to keep their bodies functioning optimally.

  • Home-cooked

Some people prefer to cook freshly made dinners for their dogs. This makes sure you give your dog high quality foods as you can decide on what to serve. This can be time-consuming though, so many will not prefer cooked meals. One other thing worth mentioning: If you want to cook your dog's meals, be sure to know what foods are healthy for your dog and which aren't. Too often, people just feed their dog the same foods they would eat, but this can lead to serious health issues. Dogs have different nutritional needs than humans, so do your research. Especially since some foods that are commonly used in our kitchen can be poisonous for your dog.

  • Raw foods

Raw feeding is the most natural way to feed your dog. Because the foods are not or nearly processed, the bioavailability is high. This means that almost everything is used inside your dog's body. One of the most noticable changes this will cause is the difference in stool. Because most of the ingredients are used during the digestion, your dog will leave less feces in your garden. The condition of their fur might also improve.

Many people become overwhelmed by the amount of choices they are provided with at the pet shop. In the end, the decision is up to you. Every type of food has it's own pros and cons. The only thing you should make sure of is that you provide your dog with all necessary nutrients.

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