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5 reasons why you should try trick training

There are thousands of videos on the internet of dogs doing all kinds of tricks. Although you might think this isn't for you and your dog or even think your dog is unable to learn tricks (which he certainly isn't). There are many reasons why you should consider doing trick training with your dog.

I'll cover 5 of these reasons in this post:

  1. Building confidence One of the biggest advantages of doing trick training with your dog, is that it can give a huge boost to his confidence. By rewarding your dog for these exercises, he'll start to understand he can do more than he thought he could. Much like humans get more confident when they learn something new, the same goes for your dog.

  2. It's fun Both for you and your dog, this can be a very fun experience. You can use trick training as quality time with your dog. It provides you with the opportunity to give all of your attention to your dog during the training session.

  3. You'll get to know eachother better and build more trust By teaching your dog new things, you'll need to guide him into the right positions. During these training sessions, your dog will learn to better understand your movements and gestures. You will also have the possibility to better understand how your dog reacts to certain movements and commands. If you keep this up, training sessions often become easier since you'll have an easier time getting the right reaction from your dog.

  4. The both of you will be able to show off ;) Not everyone wants their dog to be a trick master, but once your dog is able to do some tricks, you'll probably enjoy showing these to family and friends. Your dog might also enjoy the extra attention he gets on moments like these.

  5. It tires them out Often, trick training is not too challenging physically. Mentally however, your dog will benefit from some rest time afterwards in order to process what he has learned. This also makes it an excellent way to fatigue your dog on rainy days or during a lockdown.

You should definitely give trick training a go. Start out with some basic exercises and experience how you both enjoy them.

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