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Teaching your dog to stay

Teaching your dog to stay can be a very useful command to keep your dog safe. For example when bringing groceries inside or when chilling at the park.

This post will guide you in teaching your dog to stay in place.

Start small

Most dogs have the tendency to follow you when you move away, so start very small. Ask your dog to sit or lie down and just stand next to them. If they remain seated or down, reward them with a 'that's a good stay'. After a few times, you should add the command beforehand. Asking them to stay and rewarding them. This may seem ridiculous, but since you don't really move away, you make it relatively easy for them to stay.

When this goes well, move one leg away from your dog and lean away. Return the leg, and reward your dog.

Make sure to reward your dog in the position they were supposed to stay in. It's important for them to remain in that position even when receiving the reward.

Gradually increase the distance, duration and difficulty

The next step is to gradually increase the distance between you and your dog. You can also try to circle around your dog. The moment you pass behind their backs will probably be the hardest part since they will want to follow you.

You should also train this exercise in various surroundings and with different levels of distraction.

Try not to speak your dog's name when telling them to stay since this might make them think you are calling them to come.

Using a blanket or dog bed

When teaching your dog to stay, it can come in handy to use a blanket or dog bed for your dog to make it a spot your dog likes to be in. They'll feel more comfortable and have an easier time staying.

Remember to not put too much pressure on your dog and keep training sessions like these positive!

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