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Travelling with your dog

Summertime is the one moment every year people tend to go on holidays. Many dog owners, however, leave home feeling sorry for leaving their dog at home. But should this be the case? There are many ways you could travel together with your dog. Those of you that haven’t yet made any plans and want to travel with their dog, might find some tips in this post.

Where can you go?

Before leaving on holiday, make sure to check the local regulations concerning dogs. There are countries, where it is, for example, obligatory to muzzle certain races. Before you leave, also decide on whether you are going to make walks through nature or want to make a city trip. When it gets too hot, it might be uncomfortable or even dangerous for your dog to walk on the streets in a city. Besides that, most dogs enjoy walks in nature more than walks in a city.

This doesn’t mean you are unable to visit any cities. On the contrary, I find the ideal vacation to be a mix of both visiting cities and hiking through nature.


  • Camping

Most camping sites allow dogs. If you enjoy being outdoors, this might be the perfect travelling experience for you and your dog. One of the main things to consider when going camping, is you can’t leave your dog during the day. Because it can get very hot inside a tent, this is not a safe option.

  • Hotels

If you want more luxury than sleeping in a tent, you can stay at a hotel. Sadly, not every hotel is dog friendly. Because of this, it’s important to inform yourself well before booking your stay.

Ways of travelling

  • By car

Most dogs learn to travel by car from when they were a puppy. Because of this, for most dogs, this is the most convenient way of travelling. You are also in full control to make stops whenever you feel your dog has the need to go potty or just for a little walk. There are many tools to make sure your dog is safe during a car ride (car crates, dog seat belts,...)

  • By plane

You should be aware that most dogs are obliged to travel as cargo when travelling by plane. When arriving at your destination, they might also be taken into quarantine. Make sure to check these regulations to make sure you aren’t surprised when you arrive at the airport. Travel by plane is a stressful situation for most dogs. Because of this it is mostly advised against when not necessary.

  • By bike

Taking your dog on a holiday by bike can be a very pleasant experience if you are sporty. It gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to. In many countries, however, it is not allowed to let your dog run beside you when biking (not leashed, nor free). So it is a must-have to buy a trailer or side-car. Of course, this asks for some preparation before you travel to make sure your dog feels comfortable in the trailer.

Before leaving on your holiday, it might be good to make sure your dog is free of excess energy. You can do this by working out with your dog or during a play session. This way, your dog can use the time of travel as recuperation and it will be easier for him to settle in.

Preparation before leaving

Go get a vet check. In many countries it is obliged for your dog to get certain vaccinations, so make sure this is the case. Be aware that some of these vaccines should be given multiple weeks before the journey for them to be effective. It’s also important to check for a vet nearby your destination, that way you’ll have a back-up in case of an emergency.

What to bring along?

  • Identification

  • Food and snacks

  • First-aid kit (do not forget to bring a tick remover)

  • Toys

  • Doggy bags

  • Water

  • Spare leash

Once on holiday

Have fun! Be sure to enjoy your trip together! A few days alongside each other will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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